Travel The World For Free 6022

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What you will find in this book:

So says Raymond DuFoy (a pen name – more on that in a moment), world-renowned travel writer and photographer. You’ll have seen his videos on international TV, probably read his words online and in the newspapers – and now he not only shows you how easy it is for you to travel the world and stay in comfort for free, he also “spills the beans” with the contents of his contacts book. He shows you how to immediately get legitimate access to the secret twice monthly PDF bulletin which lists the latest hotels, reports, airlines, even whole countries, all of whom want to pay for everything to get you to visit them! He also supplies the full details of where to place your pictures or story – so you often get famous, too! Furthermore, he lists places desperate for your reports (paying at least a dollar a word!) and / or pictures (paying $30 each and upwards). Yes, TV stations, newspapers and websites want your travel experiences AND they want your pictures! You don’t need some really expensive camera – almost all of your pictures (“pix” in the jargon) will be published online, so even your camera phone is perfect! In this fun to read, yet fact-packed edition, Raymond takes you be the hand and shows you not only how easy it is to get to visit the greatest hotels, theme parks, cruise lines, resorts and spas in the world – but also how to get there for free by air – often in First Class. This is a Downloadable e-book

Travel The World For Free 6022
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