Making Money With Garage Sales 6003

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What you will find in this book:

Is your home bursting at the seams with “stuff?” Is every closet crammed so full that any one of them is a death trap waiting to be opened? Has it been years since the last time you parked the car in the garage? Never fear, help is on the way. You need to get rid of some of that “stuff.” Don’t you dare call it junk. Remember, one man (or woman’s) trash is another ones treasure! Just take a look at what you can learn to make your sale profitable: • Preparation • How to identify profit pills • Creating a system • Finding stuff • Cleaning your stuff • Labeling the items • How to set your prices • Best time to have your sale • Handling the money • Advertising your sale • Tips and Tricks • Shoppers Guide And much more! This is a Downloadable E-Book




File Format: PDF, Word pad, RTF
Number of Pages:  61
Sales page:  Included. HTML
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Included Graphics:  Cover and miscellaneous graphics.
Cover Graphics:  JPG and PSD
Miscellaneous Graphics:  Header, footer, background and more.
Extra Pages:  None.
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Year Released/Circulated:  Unknown, but timeless information


Making money with garage sales 6003
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